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Copperloy’s portable ramp aluminum dock plate is a cost-effective solution to warehouses and loading yards when trucks frequently come in and out. With a Copperloy dock plate, you can safely transport freight when low height differences exist between the dock and truck. Our aluminum dock plates are recommended for low to medium volume applications with hand trucks, pallet jacks, and other non-powered equipment.

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Copperloy Dock Plate

Copperloy’s heavy-duty dock plates have no side curbs which makes moveability of irregular and sharp turns an added bonus. They also feature sturdy bolt-on half-inch thick steel locking legs to secure bridging the gap between the dock and trailer. Other dock plate features include:

Aluminum Construction

Made in the USA, and designed for lightweight applications. Therefore, our dock plate has become the most affordable portable ramp we offer.


Although engineered to be lightweight these dock plates are strong enough to accommodate up to 12,500 pounds. Standard widths of 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches available.

11-Inch Lip

The standard 11-inch lip is bent at an 11-degree angle to ensure a smooth transition between truck and dock. For refrigerated trailers, a 14-inch lip dock plate is available upon request.

Knuckle Saving Lifting Straps

These lifting straps allow for easy mobility. Always allow for two people when positioning the dock plate between truck and dock.

Tread Surface

The all-weathered beveled diamond plated tread prevents water, oil, debris snow, and ice from building up on the surface. Additionally, this tread provides added traction for both work boots and pallet jack tires.

Yellow Deck Edges

Provides added visibility for safe transport and distribution of freight.


Light enough to move by hand and can be transported to remote locations, offering easy positioning to provide a smooth transition from the surface of the trailer to dock.

Keep in mind that although dock plates and dock boards are similar in design, aluminum dock plates are not intended for forklift and other motorized equipment. If you need a plate to accommodate use with forklifts please visit our Dock Boards page for more information on these.


Copperloy offers dock plates in a wide range of sizes and weight capacities. Additionally, our in-house engineers can customize a dock plate to meet any requirements and specifications of your loading dock needs.

To determine if a dock plate is a solution for warehouse requirements you will need to factor in the weight of the material handling equipment you will be using and the maximum weight of the freight to be transported. Copperloy recommends a dock plate that exceeds your average weight capacity. This will help to ensure that employees and vendors cannot overload the weight capacities of the plate requirements.

When calculating the dock plate width, you will want to factor in an additional 8 inches to the overall width. This will ensure that materials can be loaded and unloaded using both hand trucks and pallet jacks.

When calculating the dock plate length, you will need to factor in the maximum height differential of the loading dock and truck floor. For example, with shorter lengths, you will have limited applications due to height restrictions. However, with a longer dock plate, you increase the number of applications it can be used.

If you are unsure if a dock plate is the best fit for your warehouse loading dock operations, simply contact a Copperloy representative. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist and answer any questions you may have.

Watch the dock equipment video below to learn more.


Dock Boards: The Answer for Forklift Dock Plates

Instead of asking for a forklift dock plate, explore Copperloy Dock Boards. Dock boards are the superhero of the dock plate. Handle higher capacities and larger equipment.

In comparison, forklifts and fork trucks can be used with dock boards. Also, these boards have curbs to prevent runoff and are available in steel or aluminum.

Forklift dock plates from Copperloy by JH Industries provide a cost-effective solution to dock boards. Although normally ideal for lighter material handling tasks, Copperloy by JH Industries offers endless customization options and models that accommodate forklifts.