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When it comes to safety, there’s no margin for error in the mining industry. Having the right loading and unloading resources can not only make the day more efficient but prevent industry to employees in high risk situations.

Copperloy is the Go To for Mining Industry Material Handling

With over 60 years of experience, our company has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment for the mining industry. Material handling equipment for mining needs to keep your workers safe, while helping you to accomplish goals, stay on schedule, and of course adapt to always-changing and evolving circumstances, conditions and environments. A few of the mining industry material handling equipment solutions we provide include:

  • Thrust plates, fabrication and machining
  • Hauler frame steel fabrication
  • Fracking, pipe crossover ramps

custom design rebar pallet

Custom Options | Mining Industry Material Handling

Of course, we also provide all types of material handling equipment for your operation, including yard ramps, lift tables, dock boards and much more.

steel fabrication facility has capabilities that include cutting, burning, machining, welding and painting of large custom steel fabrications designed to meet our specifications. Our certified welders, automatic robotic cells and experienced machinists are always at the ready to help you. Everything is handled in-house, from design to completion, and all of our mining industry material handling equipment is made in the USA. With more than 60 years of experience, we have the expertise and knowledge that your company needs for reliable, high quality and safe solutions.

Contact us today to find out more about our capabilities and how we help customers in the mining industry. Our material handling equipment will help you get the job done safely and efficiently, and our custom solutions will ensure a match no matter what your unique needs and circumstances are. Call us at  888-912-9785  to get started.

Read about one of our many custom projects for the mining industry here.

Features of Our Top of the Line Loading Equipment

  • 6″ portable loading dock safety curbs to prevent accidental runoff. Exclusive hollow section design and proprietary box frame construction take the stress of heavy loads and the extra strain of cargo breakout.
  • mobile loading platform from Copperloy is constructed of electro-forged serrated steel for superior strength. Grating bearing bars are 1-3/4″″ thick. These bars are designed to offer extra durability in the roughest of applications. Bars are spaced 1″ apart to resist clogging of debris and to ensure an all-weather, high-traction running surface.
  • Part of making a platform portable is creating easy ways to move it! Lift loops are provided for easy handling and repositioning of the loading platforms with a forklift.
  • Steel Platforms come in capacities up to 30,000 pounds and lengths reaching 12 feet. Steel platforms are heavier and require a forklift to move, but have higher capacities.  Contact the factory for portable steel platform specifications.
  • Handrails can be added to any platform at any length required. Our 42-inch high split handrail is constructed in all steel.

With an in-house engineering team, Copperloy offers tailor-made temporary platforms for any unique problem or specification.

New and Used Mining Industry Material Handling Equipment

No matter what your budget, there’s an option for better loading and unloading at Copperloy. All of our used yard ramps, edge of dock levelers, lift tables and dock boards go through rigorous examination before any considerations for purchase.

When you can’t settle for the absolute best in material handling, Copperloy by JH Industries should be your first and only stop.

Mining Industry Material Handling Equipment for Rent

If your mine doesn’t have the need for a permanent yard ramp or portable dock ramp, but you often have short-term projects that require loading and unloading, renting a ramp might be your best option.

Renting a yard ramp is the perfect option for one-day jobs and short-term projects, and you’ll always be able to count on the quality of Copperloy’s Products.

Any of Copperloy’s heavy-duty yard ramps are available for rent, for any project, and any challenging circumstances. If you’re ready to streamline loading operations in the mining industry, Rent a yard ramp from Copperloy today.


Copperloy by JH Industries leads the way in faster load times, safer safety, and a more efficient workday for any industry. Don’t waste valuable raise time on any of our competitors. They may try, but our ramps and lifts are the fastest and most durable in our industry.

Whether you’re soaring to new heights in the wind energy industry or underground for long hours in the mining industry, you need the right material handling options for your industries. Get more done safer and faster with Copperloy material handling

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